How to Make Healthy Habits with Nutrition

Written by: B. Brown


Do you have a goal to make healthy habits with nutrition, but feel unsure where you should start? Have you tried to change your habits in the past, but found yourself giving into temptation and eventually, giving up entirely? If this sounds like you, don’t give up! Transforming your eating habits to healthy habits does not have to be a battle. All it takes is a few simple lifestyle adjustments and a plan. Are you ready to make a change? Here are a few basic tips to help you you build healthy habits that will turn into a long term lifestyle change.


Know Your ‘What’ & ‘Why”...


When it comes to making healthy habits with nutrition, most people tend to rely on willpower and motivation to propel their journey. The problem is, it never works. The human brain functions based on stored memories. To change the stored memories, you have to change your habits. Think of it like a software update. For the consumer, it’s simple. We just push the ‘install’ button and in a few minutes, it’s done! We don’t give much thought to what it takes to develop the software and we often don’t even know why the update was necessary. So many of our modern conveniences are like this, that it has morphed our own internal thought processes to expect immediate results. To overcome this, we have to train our minds to process change before we jump into action by contemplating our reasoning behind making changes to our habits. So ask yourself...What healthy habits would improve your lifestyle? Why? Make a list and be thorough. Now you are ready to set goals and make new healthy habits!   


Plan & Prepare!


One of the biggest reasons behind failed nutrition goals is lack of planning and preparation. Sure, there is plenty of room for trial and error, but to forego planning and prep is planning to fail. Yet, when it comes to Health and Nutrition, so many of us feel as though we know what we should be eating, so we should just do it. As discussed above, you can’t think your way into to new habits. You have to take deliberate action. And this may require getting out of your comfort zone and getting support and education. For this step, take the time to invest in yourself and create a plan. Be sure your plan is detailed and includes the next 7 days. You can start anytime, but it is best to choose the day of the week you consider ‘the beginning’ of your week. Once you’ve picked this day, write out what you plan to eat for all meals and snack from your start day to the last day. Prepare a day or two before you start and be sure to get all the supplies you need.


If this sounds like a huge challenge, contact your friends at A Better Weigh Lifestyle. We specialize in meal prep, making delicious food affordable & convenient! We can also help you create a plan to fit your lifestyle and support you in your journey to a healthy lifestyle!

Don’t Give Up!


Remember, changing habits takes time and patience. No one does it perfectly, and some days, you may feel like a total failure. Attitude is everything when it comes to changing any habit. So do things to boost your self confidence! Track your successes and be sure to review them on harder days. This is where motivation kicks in and becomes our ally. Post sticky notes on your mirror or other places you look at frequently that have positive messages to yourself written on them. Don’t set unrealistic goals and start slowly at first, picking a maximum of 3 habits to work on. Change the way you look at failure and pick a mantra to tell yourself when things get hard. Examine your most challenging moments and try to exchange triggers that might lead you to give into temptations.


The most important thing to remember is, adopting healthy habits with nutrition is the best thing you can do for yourself. It will protect you from serious health problems and will help manage your weight and give you energy! The rewards speak for themselves, and after a while, these new habits wont feel like work at all!

Together, WE CAN! Self Defense Girls Day Out

Written By: B. Brown


For woman, it is impossible to go a single day without being hyper-aware of the ever present threats to basic safety and security. Afterall, 1 in 5 women have been victims of sexual assault and other threats to safety at sometime in their lives. This fact alone is enough to create a constant state of fear and anxiety, yet for women, this is the reality of life.


Here at A Better Weigh Lifestyles, we believe it is our responsibility to provide our community with practical solutions to the barriers that stand in the way of living a life of fulfillment and promise! Delivering healthy and nutritious meals may be our product, but championing our community to live their full potential is our mission! We our fiercely dedicated to women's empowerment and are always seeking new opportunities to give the woman in our community the tools they need to step into their power.


Girls Day Out Self Defense Seminar


We believe women deserve a better way to take back their safety and security. That’s why A Better Weigh Lifestyle has teamed up with Temple MMA for an event entirely dedicated to giving woman the skills and tools they need to protect and empower themselves! We are excited to invite the women in our community to join us for a day of self-defense and inspiration! This is an event you do not want to miss!


Registration offers all attendees a chance to be trained by the following featured MMA female instructors.



Chelsea Kilpack is a first-degree purple belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu and a frequent competitor in-state and nationally. She also has several years of Muay Thai training. Chelsea is a Certified Sexual Assault Counselor/Victim Advocate and community educator. Her lectures and research focus on violence prevention, the transformative power of enthusiastic consent, and women’s rights more broadly. She is also the board treasurer for the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault (UCASA).


Danielle Donaldson’s love of martial arts begin in 2009 when she began training Krav Maga to learn self defense. Looking to expand her skill set, she also began training Muay Thai in 2011 and Jiu Jitsu in 2013. She has competed in several amateur Muay Thai and MMA fights. Danielle recently earned her blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has worked as a kickboxing instructor and registered yoga teacher for the last 3 years.


Miyo Strong is a first degree purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under John Carlquist. An active competitor both locally and nationally, she has medaled at Master Worlds two years in a row. Miyo is a mother of three and coordinator in the Speak Up Be Safe program in local elementary schools. Certified with Gym Jones, you’ll see a lot of sport specific strength & conditioning training in her classes. As a survivor of sexual assault, women’s empowerment & self defense are a priority to her.

In addition, Temple MMA co-owner & Pro Fighter Nick Rossborough will overview self defense fundamentals and practical usage in everyday life situations. Nick is passionate about empowering individuals through the study of mixed martial arts and is offering all attendees an exclusive one week pass for Temple MMA!

So, what are you waiting for?! Get your ticket before they’re sold out! You don’t wanna miss this!

Girls Day Out Self Defense Seminar

Date: Saturday, March 3, 2018

Time: 2pm to 5pm

Location: Temple MMA

3418 Bengal Boulevard, SLC, UT 84121

Registration Details: $20 @  Eventbrite


Lunch Provided by A Better Weigh Lifestyles

Each Registration includes a package valued over $50

Package includes self defense products from,

Discounts on A Better Weigh Lifestyle meals, Dub Supplements &

One week free training at Temple MMA


*All proceeds will be donated to the Rape Recovery Center*


New Year, New You in 3 Simple Steps

Written By: B. Brown

As New Year’s Day approaches, people everywhere are excitedly preparing celebrations and pondering resolutions. Indeed, the New Year is significant, as it is the only holiday that beckons us all to reflect and renew! Of course, not everyone buys into into the hype. And despite New Year’s traditions dating back centuries, it is easy to find yourself jaded at the thought of New Year's Resolutions. After all, more than half of all resolutions fail within the first month. This is especially true when it comes to resolutions focused on weight loss and fitness. But that doesn’t mean you have to fall prey to old habits. This New Year is your chance to take charge of your life. Make your New Year resolutions count this year by following these 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Celebrate Whats Right About You!

One of the reason’s resolutions fail is they require a change of behavior in order to be accomplished. And changing behavior requires far more than just a resolve to do something different. Modern Neuroscience has shown behaviors are stored in the brain’s neural pathways. When we attempt to change our behavior, the stored memory creates a sort of default setting as an act of protection. Want success with your New Year's Resolutions? Instead of writing a list of what you want to change about yourself, reflect on your successes and right down your strengths and assets.

Step 2: Create a Vision

Have you ever set a goal, mapping it out using the SMART format. Specific, Measurable, Realistic, and Timely. It’s an excellent tool for creating concrete goals. Yet, so many people find just as much failure in with SMART goals as they do New Years Resolutions. The good news is, SMART goals are still an effective method for mapping out a goal. But what is a goal without a vision?  Using your list of strengths and assets, reflect on where you are now. Honestly ask yourself where you want to be this same time next year and write it out. Next, challenge those programmed neural pathways and write out how your current strengths and assets will serve you in reaching your vision.

Step 3: The Power in Numbers

Many in society believe true success and happiness are achieved by will power and individual accomplishment. The truth is, nothing could be further from the truth. You can find true success and happiness through the support of community and the Rule of 3!  What is the Rule of 3? Simply put, write out 3 realistic resolutions. If weight loss is your goal, instead of writing out, ‘Lose weight’, write out something specific that matches your vision. For example, ‘Exchange 3 eating habits with 3 healthier choices'. Instead of 'Get in shape', 'workout for onw hour 3 times a week’. Now, choose 3 friends that have the same goal and keep each other accountable. Review your progress in 3 months, and then challenge yourself using these same 3 steps!

Get a headstart on your New Year goals this year with A Better Weigh Lifestyles! Together, we can help map out a meal plan that matches your vision with support, convenience, and affordability!

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