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Healthy IS GoodI am a 45 year old mother of six. I work full time, I am a grandmother of two, and a partner in a small business. I am a woman in a world that demands perfection to one degree or another, especially in the body image category. It seems as if the weight loss programs think they are preparing you for battle. Battling food, battling fat, carbs, sugar, etc.

Having been fighting that battle with myself for decades I finally realized one thing; I was never going to feel perfect. Am I overweight? No. Am I pre-diabetic or frail? No. Am I healthy and fit? Yes, to some degree. Could I be better? Absolutely. Will I ever be perfect? Probably not. These are the things that run through my head every week when I plan and execute the meals for A Better Weigh Lifestyles. Not perfection and not reaching impossible expectations that no human being could attain.

You see, I made a decision. I was going to work to the best of my ability in every area of my life. I was going to quit going for the super fast easy way to lose weight. I was going to stop falling for the fad diets and I was going to quit the idea of perfection.

"The decision I made was that I am going to eat smart, I am going to eat well, and I am going to live my life with balance."
When we started A Better Weigh Lifestyles it was with the intent to create healthy meals that tasted good. There is no reason why the word healthy has to be synonymous with the idea of forcing food down in the hopes that we will lose a few pounds. We create our meals knowing how important it can be to eat food that doesn’t taste like cardboard, I eat them myself and for me they have helped me sustain balance. A lifestyle that I am learning how to enjoy instead of dread, food that I look forward to instead of avoid until I absolutely have to eat, and most importantly, I feel better about me.

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