Healthy Holiday Meal Substitutions

Healthy Holiday Meal SubstitutionsLet’s face it, the holidays are here and to escape all the questionable foods that come with the season is near to impossible. So what are some easy swaps and substitutes that can make some of the dishes and treats just a little better for us? First we can try to stay away from the worst offenders if you have allergies to such things like nuts, gluten, dairy, and all the other ingredients that sneak into traditional holidays treats. Another easy one is to stick close to healthy fats, and try stay disciplined when it comes to sugar intake, because we all know, we're completely surrounded with it this time of year. This is good for overall family health, good for you, good for the kids, and good for anyone you have over.

Trying to incorporate as many green veggies and leafy greens as possible into your veggie side dishes, it will help add that needed nutritional element in the traditionally heavy and fatty holiday menus. Baby spinach is easy to add to almost anything. Try adding it into your cheesy au gratin potatoes, while also trying goat or sheep cheese vs what the recipe calls for. That is an example of an easy healthy ingredient swap, which can come in handy in many not so healthy holiday meals. The more veggies, and less refined sugar sweets and bread products we swap for the better we are going to look and feel by the New Year's arrives.

The New Year is always a great time to start being healthier and more mindful of our food choices, but why not sail into the new year already feeling good? There is no reason you can’t make healthier choices over the holidays that make it even easier for you to pick up the pace on your health come January. Encouraging our kids and families to join you on this health conscious way of living, there is a good chance they will appreciate the benefits as much as you.

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