Happy Cooking Means Tastier Food

Cooking for yourself can often be time consuming and stressful. Often this stress can lead to mistakes. Many renown cooks offer the advice:

Never cook while stressed

Dispite this advice, we have found no scientific evidence that stress actually changes the taste of your food.

There is plenty of evidence that more mistakes are made when you are stressed whether this is related to a meal you are preparing for yourself, a dinner you are cooking for a party or some other tedious task.

A recent study uncovers strong evidence that what you taste is affected by your mood. This means that even if your cooking technique is perfect, if you are stressed when you eat, the food will most likely not taste as good.

With the amount of work and stress in our lives, planning our meals can often just be one more thing to worry about.

There is a simple solution

Everyone who works at A Better Weigh Lifestyles has passion and drive for good tasting food. I spoke to one of our line cooks and asked him what he thought about his mood possibly affecting the taste of the food. He responded with excitement:

“If my mood affects the food - then this food is going to be fantastic.”

He told me that he has so much passion and excitement for the work he does, as does everyone in the kitchen. He went on to say:

“We get to help people reach their goals with weight and diet and the whole time they get to enjoy what they are eating.”

If you find yourself overwhelmed with cooking but you want to eat healthier - there is a simple solution. Click here to setup an affordable meal plan online now. Alternatively call and talk to one of our consultants who can answer any questions you may have.

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