Inspiring a Life Change with Travis Brady

Life Coach, Personal Trainer, and Public Speaker

Travis Brady’s mission for the last 15 years of coaching and 8 years as a professional speaker, has been to create a new mindset about a healthy lifestyle. His key belief is that a healthy life depends on a strong healthy body and a healthy mind, which means being active and eating good clean food. Brady has stated many times that most life coaches are only focusing on one or the other, but Brady believes that true progress happens when you focus on both.

He studied Exercise Science from the University of Utah and received a Bachelor's Degree, after that he worked as a Strength Coach for Westminster Athletics. Since then he has been traveling, being featured on many national television channels, as well making appearances throughout Utah on TV and radio where is has often been called

“the next generation of life coaches and influencers.”

Another important focus for Brady is working with kids and teens. He finds it extremely imperative to teach them about a healthy lifestyle at a young age so they can build a foundation of healthy habits that will last for the rest of their lives. Whereas adults have to break unhealthy habits before they start building new ones.

A Better Weigh Lifestyle believes in Brady’s philosophies for life-changes and we share many of the same beliefs. We strive to promote healthy life changes that will last for your entire life! We believe in eating clean - healthy foods, being active, and strengthening of the mind to develop a better life for yourself.

A Better Weigh Lifestyles is proud to partner with Travis Brady and offer a discount on our meal plans to those who attend his events.

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