4 simple tips to keep you healthy over the holiday


Written By: B. Brown

The Holiday Season is in full swing with Christmas only days away. And as the day draws closer, the focus of the daily planning is almost entirely devoted to ensuring the perfect Christmas morning. As if this wasn’t all consuming enough, there are gifts to be delivered, family and friend gatherings, and traffic galore! Healthy eating and fitness can feel like an impossible feat, leaving many defenseless against the wide array of delicious baked goods and home cooked feasts.

But wait! Have no fear! Staying healthy is actually more simple than you think with these 4 simple tips to keep you healthy over the holiday.

#1  Eat Before You Head Out

Many of us are constantly on the go this time of year. It can seem like a time saver to put off eating and just wait until your next meal. Some people justify this decision because they think they are going to eat healthy when they do finally eat. Chances are, the stress of traffic and extra stimuli will have you feeling hungry sooner than you might expect. With limited fuel left in your body,  you more vulnerable to an energy crash. Whether you wait and eat a healthier meal later or not, you are subjecting your body through a metabolic rollercoaster. A few days of this can make it challenging to recalibrate. One great way to better manage this is to amp your Meal Planning up. A Better Weigh Lifestyles makes this option convenient, and affordable. Especially compared to the fast food many resort to this time of year.

#2  Adapt Your Workouts

With the constant strain on everyone's schedules this time of year, it can be challenging to keep up anything that resembles a normal fitness routine. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop moving. This is a perfect time of year to try new things or just use what you have to substitute and adapt your workout. Sure it may not be the ideal workout. But a body in motion stays in motion. By keeping a routine of active and intentional movement, it won’t be difficult to get back to your regular workout routine once the holiday has passed. Plus, you may find some new ideas to incorporate into your fitness plan, thus giving you an edge on those New Years goals! Try one simple active challenge wherever you go! Here are just a few adaptable workouts you can try right away.

  • Park farther from the Building when Shopping

  • Challenge your family/friends to a plank challenge

  • Take the stairs over an escalator or elevator

  • Take a Holiday walk to see the neighborhood lights


#3 Portion Control & Mindful Eating

One of the greatest things about learning to eat right and live a healthy lifestyle is understanding you don’t have to deprive yourself! The trick you need to remember this holiday season is to stay mindful while you are indulging and control your portions. Try drinking a full 8oz glass of water before eating a meal or a handful of treats. Sometimes dehydration can send a signal that our brain misinterprets as hunger. Staying hydrated is a great practice to boost mindful eating and help keep those portions small.

#4 Reflection Time

Last but not least, be sure to set aside time each day to reflect, even if it’s only 5 min. Getting caught up in the magic of Christmas often takes over our free time, limiting the time available to stop and reflect on what really matters in life. Yet, the health benefits of self-reflection and quiet time cannot be ignored. Additionally, this habit is just as critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as nutrition and fitness.


Be kind to yourself and ENJOY this time with family and friends. You got this!

Have a Happy Holiday!


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