Heat and Eat! Helping to Keep You On Track

Heat and Eat! Why A Better Weigh Lifestyles Helps Keep You On Track

When the average person hears the word “eating clean”, their minds are often drawn towards less than positive imagery. If asked to put their thoughts to words they might say something like; Restrictive, Time Consuming, Inconvenient, or Impossible. While many people like the idea of eating cleaner and healthier, they find the methods impractical and inconvenient. Instead, they favor fad diets or weight loss gimmicks. Yet, these choices come at a great cost. Not only can they wreak havoc on your metabolic functioning, and seriously disrupt your health...But they also don’t deliver long term results.

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Healthy Holiday Meal Substitutions

Healthy Holiday Meal SubstitutionsLet’s face it, the holidays are here and to escape all the questionable foods that come with the season is near to impossible. So what are some easy swaps and substitutes that can make some of the dishes and treats just a little better for us?

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Family Affair

Family AffairLast week my daughter and I had the talk. Not THE talk but the other talk, about developing a healthy lifestyle. This is the worst subject in the world to me to have to discuss with my daughter. I just wrote about society pushing the perfect body image onto us; so the last thing in the world I want to do is to force feed that same perfection idea into a 13 year old girl’s head.

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